I am so tired of this game. Then I hear they've basically gimped all my Exotics since I last played (haven't played it once since the first expansion pack I got with the Collector's Edition was released)? No thanks. If I could even get rid of it for $40 ($60 off the $100 I paid), I'd do it. Maybe even $30. Sadly, its… » 1/12/15 7:05pm 1/12/15 7:05pm

If Steam can't explain, in detail, why this game has been banned, Steam needs to stop existing. Just like if Steam can't PROMISE every game you "buy" through them is a game owned and, even if Steam is bought out or goes under, you get to keep said game, Steam needs to stop existing. I don't care about this game (but… » 12/16/14 7:29am 12/16/14 7:29am

Smash is the ONLY fighting game I have even remotely enjoyed since standing in the arcade playing Street Fighter II. Still, after that crappy DC Injustice pile of crap (even for free, it wasn't worth the download) and giving up before the tutorial finished, I'm pretty sure I'm done with these mindless kind of games. » 12/04/14 6:27am 12/04/14 6:27am